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Volcano Tour

(Full Day)

- Mount Batur Volcano

Still being an active volcano, Mount Batur constantly smokes. There are 2 beautiful lakes and breathtaking views. Entry about AU$1.10 or 11,000 Rupiah.


- Gunung Kawi Temple

This is a complex temple built in the 11th century. There are 10 memorials cut into rock, and nice views of rice terraces. Entry about AU$1.50 or 15,000 Rupiah.


- Pengelipuran Village

A traditional village is maintained by the Bangli government. You can enter a family home and see their temple and kitchen. In their backyards they grow coffee and bamboo. HAndicrafts from village are available for sale. Entry about AU$1.10 or 11,000 Rupiah.


- Kehen Temple

This is second largest temple in Bali and is dedicated to the Supreme Gods. A big Banyan tree features in the first courtyard and there is a wooden bell and turtles and dragons. Entry AU$1.10 or 11,000 Rupiah. 

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