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East Bali

East Bali, Candidasa, Amed, Karangasem, Klungkung


Mainly diving and snorkelling areas, the east of Bali has many fishing villages and traditional way of life. You can snorkel off the beach and see amazing sea life and a Japanese wreck. The waters are usually warm and calm.


  • Sea Kayak and Snorkelling.

Costs about AU$50.


  •  White water rafting.

From AU$35 - AU$70 with lunch and guide.


  •  Water Sports Special.

About AU$50.


  • Snorkelling.

Snorkel on a Japanese wreck with guide Approximately AU$15 – AU$30.


  • Black volcanic sand beaches and fishing villages.


  • Beautiful scenery.


  • Tirtagangga Water Palace.

Around AU$3.


  • Taman Ujung Water Palace.

This palace was built for the King.


  • Klungkung Water Palace.


  • Klungkung Market.


  • Tenganan Village.  

One of the oldest traditional villages in Bali located in Karangasem.  It has a unique community life pattern and is an example of Bali Aga ( Prehistoric Hindu). Weaving and cloths available, and examples of ancient writing.


  • Charlie’s Chocolate Factory - Jalan Pantai Jasri, Karangasem. 

Named after its owner, Charlie’s Chocolate Factory in Karangasem – we found that this factory uses only locally grown cacao beans to create delectably healthy raw dark chocolate. Be prepared for free chocolate tours and sampling sessions as the staff bring you around the unique ‘smurf hut’ – armed with a sampling tray so you may indulge in some premium Balinese chocolate. And if you want a souvenir, there even is a small soap studio where you may purchase handmade Balinese soaps.


  • Amed Sea Salt Farm. 

This can be reached along Jalan Abang, not far from Selang Beach. One of the recommended one to visit is behind Warung Ole.


  • The Craziest Treehouse 

Rumah Pohon Desa Batu Dawa Tulamben Karangasem. Desa Tulamben, Kec. Kubu, Karangasem.




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